Sport and martial arts are ideal ways to engage both mind and body in tandem and to be present in the here and now. An added bonus is that this can be accomplished alongside your work colleagues.

Our Muay Thai sessions offer a hugely enjoyable, engaging and dynamic workout that brings colleagues closer together, increases productivity at work and improves physical and mental wellness.

MTW’s mission is to nurture a sense of community, creative thinking, stress relief and physical improvement, thereby enhancing a team’s productivity, teamwork skills and quality of life at work.

We aim to make office workers as happy as we are after a class by sharing with them the many benefits of Muay Thai.

Our Values

We all need a good shot of feel-good chemicals – dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphin – in our lives!

Muay Thai training is a sure way to strengthen work relationships while simultaneously pushing employees’ minds and bodies!

As well as its great physical benefits, including strength, endurance, flexibility and dexterity, Muay Thai enables participants to enjoy themselves learning new skills and feel rejuvenated after a hard, thoroughly rewarding whole-body workout.

Muay Thai’s variety of techniques target the whole body, along with different planes of motion.

It’s a quick way to master your body, and enhance your strategic and creative thinking.

About Muay Thai

Muay Thai (Thai Kickboxing) has won increasing popularity in recent decades and is practised by both recreational participants and professional athletes worldwide. As a martial art and combat sport, the ‘art of eight limbs’ involves punches, kicks, elbows, knees, sweeps and clinching.

Muay Thai has developed since its creation many centuries ago and is famed for its style, elegance, simplicity and effectiveness. The art also emphasises the values of respect, humility, self-control and compassion. Muay Thai techniques are quickly mastered, and it caters to everyone, regardless of age, gender or fitness level.

The benefits of Muay Thai are multitudinous. A Muay Thai session involves every energy system, improves cardiovascular health, flexibility, coordination, reaction time, mobility, dexterity, strength and proprioception. It also utilises all planes of motion, in a dynamic and enjoyable way.

As well as its physical-health benefits, Muay Thai boosts mental-health in a great number of ways. It is a perfect team-bonding activity, deepening relationships between colleagues, creating a profound sense of community and team culture, and increasing endorphin release throughout the day. The long-lasting revitalisation experienced after a Muay Thai class reduces fatigue and stress, enabling employees to feel more focused, driven and productive.

The academic consensus is unanimous – all scholars cite Muay Thai’s ability to contribute to mental and physical wellness and create an unparalleled company spirit!

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The Origins of Muay Thai Wellness

Jed’s upbringing immersed him in the worlds of mental wellness and martial arts, guided by his father’s martial arts expertise and his mother’s psychotherapy background. With a decade-long journey, Jed found in Muay Thai a source of physical and mental balance that transformed his life.

During his corporate career, Jed witnessed Muay Thai’s potential to foster camaraderie, ignite creativity, and enhance well-being. Recognizing its applicability, he, along with his brother Zac, who shares his martial arts enthusiasm, decided to bring the power of Muay Thai to the professional realm.

Their shared mission is to enhance workplace happiness and cohesion through authentic, enjoyable, and expressive experiences, while also sharing the holistic benefits that Muay Thai brings.

Welcome to Muay Thai Wellness – where your team’s vitality and unity take centre stage, inspired by the art of Muay Thai.

Jed Brecher Muay Thai Wellness

The Muay Thai Kick-boxing session run by Jed and Zac presented an amazing opportunity to not only release some pent-up energy and stresses from the week but also enabled me to connect with some of my colleagues, developing relationships and forming new ones. The session involved learning several punching and kicking techniques, with plenty of practice on the pads, with valuable feedback provided from the coaches. The session was a real workout, but we all left feeling energised and excited for the next one!

James, Mazars

Had a taster session with Jed and Zac, and absolutely loved every minute. They quickly had us trying techniques which gave everyone quite a sense of accomplishment. We were expertly and patiently guided through a series of moves, culminating in combinations, which was great for an hour-long taster! I know my team loved it as well, and we look forward to going back for more.

Marinos, Mazars

I was so pleased with Jed and Zac’s session with my team. It was their first time trying Muay Thai and they absolutely loved it. It really energised the team and made a fantastic break from the typical social activities we try and do. Jed and Zac are also great guys, and I would highly recommend them to anyone.


This was the first time we had ever arranged any kind of Muay Thai coaching and most certainly the first time many of my colleagues and I had any sort of Muay Thai training. Jed & Zac made the session a lot of fun and were extremely patient throughout the session, ensuring everyone was safe, having fun and a great way to relieve stress.

Several colleagues immediately asked when we will be booking more sessions which is a testament to how enjoyable the class was.

This is a great way to stay fit, learn something new and team building with colleagues we normally do no interact with on a day-to-day basis.

Liontrust Asset Management

I really enjoyed practicing again, it was a great way to unwind on a Monday! Both of you gave clear instructions and I liked that we were able to rotate between colleagues as we don’t all work together day to day so it felt really inclusive. I really hope Sweaty Betty books you guys in again!

Emma (Sweaty Betty)

The Muay Thai Wellness session was a very fun way to spend the afternoon with my colleagues. It’s one of the best wellness workshops I’ve experienced throughout my career and Jed was very helpful and encouraging!

Valentina (Legislate)

The session was really enjoyable and was a great team bonding experience. I felt that I could ask any questions! The exercises were explained really well and felt appropriate for all of our fitness levels. I would definitely recommend the session to anyone interested!

Alice (KPMG)

I really enjoyed it, learning and bonding with my colleagues were great. You two are really good at what you do, showing exact points and actually explaining it in simple terms to a beginner is something really hard to find. Thanks to you I am thinking of taking further lessons.

Melis (Onyx Capital)

At Picnic, we’re always looking for ways to bring our team together for interesting and engaging activities to promote collaboration, team bonding, and well-being. Our session with Jed & Zac did just that! It was so fun, full of energy and the team came away buzzing about how and when we could do more! Big thanks to Muay Thai Wellness!


Thank you for an invigorating evening thoroughly enjoyed the experience/class. Look forward to more classes.

Marie (Sweaty Betty)

The classes with Muay Thai Wellness are great! Not only a good way to get a good sweat but to learn the proper punching and kicking techniques. Jed and Zac paid attention to all of us and gave us tips to improve and understand while keeping it very entertaining as a bonding experience with my colleagues. I would highly recommend it if you want to learn, improve and have a great time.

Jordan (Onyx Capital Group)